Beverage Containers | The deposit will increase to 10¢ on November 1st

(Montreal) The deposit on beverage containers will increase to $0.10 from 1er November, first step in the modernization of the Quebec deposit system.

The deposit will also be extended to all aluminum containers from 200 milliliters (ml) to 2 liters (L), such as cans of juice or sparkling water.

For the majority of cans of soft drinks and beer, this is therefore an increase in the amount paid at the time of purchase and refunded upon return of the container; only large cans of beer will see the deposit amount reduced.

This standardization is put in place to simplify the deposit system, explained Thursday Normand Bisson, president and general director of the Quebec Association for the Recovery of Beverage Containers (AQRCB), the organization responsible for implementing the expansion of has instructions.

The only exception: the deposit on glass containers from 500 ml to 2 L will be $0.25.

More details to come.

What is the AQRCB?

The Quebec Association for the Recovery of Beverage Containers is the organization created by companies and organizations which market beverages whose containers will be subject to the extended deposit and which are responsible for implementing this system, under the principle of extended producer responsibility desired by the government. It brings together the Quebec Brewers Association, the Quebec Dairy Industrial Council, the Wine Bottler Merchants Association, the Quebec Food Processing Council and the Canadian Beverage Association.

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