between 30 and 40 billion dollars will be needed to rebuild the Gaza Strip, according to the UN

The United Nations Development Program specifies that 72% of residential buildings in the territory have been entirely or partially destroyed. “The scale of the destruction is enormous and unprecedented.”


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In the streets of Khan Younes, April 30, 2024. The Gazan city has been disfigured by Israeli bombings.  (ABED RAHIM KHATIB / ANADOLU / AFP)

“A mission that the international community has not faced since the Second World War.” The UN estimates that it will take between 30 and 40 billion dollars to rebuild the Gaza Strip, ravaged for almost seven months by a devastating war between Israel and Palestinian Hamas. This announced amount is the result of an estimate carried out by the United Nations Development Program. “The scale of the destruction is enormous and unprecedented”declared Abdallah al-Dardari, director of the regional office for the Arab States of the UNDP, Thursday, May 2, during a press conference in Amman (Jordan).

If the reconstruction of Gaza were to be carried out according to the traditional process, he adds, “It could take decades, and the Palestinian people do not have the luxury of waiting decades.” Abdallah al-Dardari therefore pleads in favor of accelerated procedures. He is “It is important that we act quickly to relocate people to decent housing and restore their normal economic, social, health and educational lives. This is our top priority, and must be achieved within the first three years of cessation hostilities.”

Around 37 million tonnes of rubble

In addition, the manager evaluates “37 million tons” the total rubble accumulated following bombings and explosions. “We are talking about a colossal figure, and this figure is increasing every day. The latest data indicates that it is already approaching 40 million tonnes.”

The UN official specifies that “72% of all residential buildings have been completely or partially destroyed”. “Reconstruction must be carefully planned, efficient and extremely flexible, because we do not know how the war will end.” and what type of governance will be established in the Gaza Strip.

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