Bernard Drainville “in reflection” on the place given to climate change at school

The Minister of Education, Bernard Drainville, indicates that he is “in reflection” concerning the place given to climate change in the school curriculum at the elementary and secondary levels, while voices are being raised for environmental issues to be addressed more at school. ‘school.

“We are already thinking about it. The Culture and Quebec Citizenship course will make room for climate issues, that we are already making sure of that, ”he said Tuesday morning, when questioned by a media.

In an open letter published Tuesday morning in The dutya committee made up of students, teachers and the Association pour l’enseignement de la science et de la technologie au Québec (AESTQ) called on the Minister to demand a meeting, as well as a review of the science and technology to update content on environmental issues and make this type of subject prescriptive from preschool.

“We are also thinking about other ways in which we should integrate the issue of climate change, in primary and secondary schools, in particular through science lessons,” added Bernard Drainville.

A consultation conducted in recent months with 1,580 students indicates that the majority of them are worried about the impact of climate change and are calling for more time devoted in class to environmental issues, “a critical problem that does not receive enough attention or education”.

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