Benjamin Netanyahu orders the closure of the Qatari channel Al Jazeera in Israel

Apart from local correspondents, journalists from the Qatari media are the only reporters to work in the Gaza Strip since the start of the conflict.



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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the Kirya military base in Tel Aviv on December 24, 2023. (OHAD ZWIGENBERG / AFP)

Benyamin Netanyahu announced, Sunday May 5 on the social network, order the closure of the Qatari channel Al Jazeera on the territory of the Hebrew state. This decision was taken at the suggestion of the Israeli Prime Minister, reports the daily Haaretz. According to the Israeli newspaper, the measure, adopted unanimously by the executive, authorizes the Minister of Communications to suspend the broadcast of Al Jazeera channels in English and Arabic, to close the group’s offices in Israel, to confiscate its equipment (except telephones and computers) and to limit access to the Qatari media website in Israel.

The Minister of Communication clarified on the social network to have “immediately signed the injunction against Al Jazeera”Who “comes into force immediately”. He added that he had ensured that the channel “can no longer operate from Israel”accusing him of “threaten security” from the country.

Al Jazeera accused of having “participated” in the October 7 attacks

At the beginning of April, Benjamin Netanyahu accused the Qatari media of “harm Israel’s security” And having “actively participated” to the attacks carried out in Israel by Hamas, on October 7, 2023. Apart from the Gazan correspondents, Al Jazeera journalists are the only reporters to work in the Palestinian enclave since the start of the conflict.

Qatar is also one of the three mediators, with the United States and Egypt, who have been trying for several months to obtain a truce in the Gaza Strip. Doha has long maintained ties with the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas.

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