Benjamin (Married at first sight) gets rid of his alliance on Instagram by organizing a real contest!

What remains of the couples formed during the last season of “Married at first sight”? Unfortunately not much… If the last episode of season 7 was broadcast on June 5, on Instagram, many duos took the floor to announce their breakup.

It was first the case of Anabel who took the floor to explain that she made the decision to separate and therefore to divorce Fabrice. Very accomplices and very loving, Léa and Emmanuel had literally captivated the viewers during this edition. And when we already saw them form a happy blended family, the pretty brunette surprised everyone by announcing their breakup. If Estelle maintains the mystery about her marriage and her relationship with Maximilien, everything suggests that the two young people are now separated… To date, only Pedro and Jefferson are still in a relationship, they who recently declared still be married.

Married at first sight: a contestant of season 7 gets rid of his alliance on Instagram
During this seventh season, Benjamin and Maurine also said “yes” to each other at first sight in front of family and friends. If the young woman who got closer to a candidate from another season, had not had a crush on her husband in front of the altar, she had tried to play the game for a few days… before preferring stop the experience, for lack of chemistry and budding feelings, well before the end.

Very disappointed, Benjamin had thus been forced to divorce and suddenly regain his single status. Several months after the shooting and their marriage, the young man of 27 years has visibly turned the page since he decided to get rid of his alliance! Would this ring bring back bad memories? Anyway, Benjamin has just announced his intention to make it win for an Internet user and has thus organized a “contest game” on Instagram.

“As mentioned yesterday, I am pleased to announce the setting up of this contest to allow one of you to win my wedding ring given on my wedding day in Gibraltar. 18-carat white gold wedding ring , size 58. Good luck to all! See you.” he declared before setting out the terms of participation in the competition, the name of the winner of which will be revealed on July 17 after the draw.

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