Ben Attal and his mother Charlotte Gainsbourg at war, he confides in their complicated relationship

Ben Attal is today a happy man. Aged 26, the eldest son of Yvan Attal and Charlotte Gainsbourg has been married since July 2023 to Jordane Crantelle, a businesswoman thirteen years his senior. Since the start of the school year, the actor, who has been performing in his father’s films for several years but tends to diversify by accepting roles in other feature films, such as that of Sandrine Kiberlain, has headed the Gainsbourg house, which his mother Charlotte inaugurated in tribute to her parents. Indeed, the Gainsbourg house is now open to all fans of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkinwho wish to come and visit the place where the couple lived until the singer’s death in 1991. A grandfather that Ben Attal did not knowand whom he has long reviled, as he revealed to M the world this Thursday March 7, 2024.

In this interview, Ben Attal also returned to the bonds he has formed over the years with his mother Charlotte, and the not-so-simple relationship they have. Indeed, although they have become closer in recent months, mother and son have long been at odds. “For years, we were at war. And now, we see each other every day, it’s funny” explained Alice and Jo’s big brother, before bidding: “She doesn’t even pick up when I call her anymore because she knows I’m going to talk to her about work”. A common passion for the work that brought them together, and thanks to which they were able to create dissolved bonds. The two were even the heroes of the film Human things directed by Yvan Attal last year, in which they starred alongside Suzanne Jouannet and Mathieu Kassovitz.

Ben Attal, a life behind Serge Gainsbourg

Today, after remaining in the shadow of his grandfather and his parents, Ben Attal intends to stand on his own two feet, and wants to embrace his love for cinema, and his desire to make a career without having to reproach himself for ‘being the son and grandson of… “I was ashamed to admit it” he admits before explaining that he has reached a milestone : “I grew up in a family where the rules are unspoken. When you watch a movie, you don’t go pee, you don’t go get cigarettes, you don’t look at your phone, you shut up, you start, you finish “. In a few weeks, Charlotte Gainsbourg will be appearing in Beautifula new film directed by Benoît Jacquotaccused of rape by Judith Godrèche.

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