barely distributed to all schoolchildren, the educational booklets accompanied by a 2 euro coin are already causing controversy

All students from CP to CM2 will receive educational booklets on the Olympic Games as well as a commemorative coin from the Paris Mint by June.



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Logo of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games (illustrative photo).  (THOMAS SAMSON / AFP)

Educational booklets on the Olympic Games, each accompanied by a 2 euro coin, have started to be distributed to all French schoolchildren, franceinfo reveals Wednesday February 20. The first packages arrived this week in elementary schools, particularly in Maine-et-Loire and Loir-et-Cher.

The teachers were surprised to discover the booklets, intended for all students from CP to CM2, including on the back a commemorative 2-euro Olympic Games coin, minted by the Paris Mint. All schools will be delivered by June. In total, four million students are affected.

Teachers denounce “a shipment which must have cost enormously”

But this sending desired by the government is poorly received by teachers. For Estelle Guyon, teacher in a school in Angers and departmental representative of the SNUipp-FSU union, “at a time when we are told that there is no more money to operate public services and in particular the public education service”these booklets represent “a real problem”. “Between the currency itself, the printing of the booklets, the delivery”she denounces “a shipment that must have cost a lot”while the government wants “make drastic savings and there are 10 billion to return”.

An official information email was finally sent by the ministry on Tuesday afternoon, but after the fact. Note that in the booklet there is a text by Emmanuel Macron, as well as another signed by Gabriel Attal, then Minister of National Education. He was the one in office at the time of printing.

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