Bankruptcies among young people: another way of having everything believed in the mouth

What a worrying file is that prepared by the Bureau of Investigation team on the growing number of young people under 35 who declare bankruptcy.

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What surprises me most is that someone would declare bankruptcy for as little as $15,000.

No, it’s not always other people’s fault

I agree with all the proposals for better financial education that we have been talking about since the unveiling of this file, but the education that is missing is the one to say No.

Three simple little letters, but oh so difficult to use.

No, I don’t need the latest iPhone.

No, I don’t need your kind offer of a third credit card.

No, I don’t believe you when you promise me incredible returns.

No, I can’t afford to go to an all-inclusive this winter.

And NO, you do not declare bankruptcy for $15,000 of debt.

Did the cicada sing all summer?

Make like the ant, now dance!

Life in video games

For those who have sunk themselves into debt for love, to consume luxury goods or out of naivety, bankruptcy should not even be a solution without going through an exercise in realism.

How many young people grew up always being told yes? For this take-no-prisoners generation, the emergency exit comes far too soon and too easily.

Life is not a video game. You cannot restart the level every time your character has a bad score. There is no up top right right left right combination to have infinite lives.

Yes, life can knock you down, but when it’s possible to get back up, we should help you, not do it for you.

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