“Band on the Run 50th Anniversary Edition”, Paul McCartney & Wings

Band on the Run is the most celebrated album of Paul McCartney’s solo career (with and without Wings). A feat, it must be remembered, usufruct of perilous sessions in Nigeria. For the 25th anniversary of the record, we had a nice box, with an additional documentary album. We’re obviously back for the fiftieth anniversary. With what ? Issue. We saw this recently with the umpteenth round of Moon by Pink Floyd, it orbits empty. Once the music lovers are served, low speed mastering here, Atmos mixing there, what to add? Chic, we unearthed the mixing done by the efficient Geoff Emerick from the raw tracks sent from Africa. Without orchestra, brass, what we call the “ overdubs »: the additions, what. This is what Paul offers us here: the version “ underdubbed “. Is this really necessary? It depends. The more different, the better. Bluebird ? Too much the same. No Wordsclearly more rock, amazing. Picasso’s Last Words ? Better without the fake French chatter. Essential supplement? No. Fascinating listening? Yes of course.

Band on the Run 50th Anniversary Edition



Paul McCartney & Wings, MPL/Universal

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