“Bad and nasty”, Mimie Mathy described by her friend, Stéphanie Fugain, the truth restored

Friends since forever, it is inconceivable for Stéphanie Fugain to qualify Mimie Mathy

of “nasty”. Indeed, as surprising as it may seem, for years the interpreter of Joséphine, guardian angel

has to face many rumors from ordinary people on social networks. In fact, Jordan de Luxe wanted to question, as in 2022, one of her best friends on the subject.

Stéphanie Fugainex-partner of Michel Fugain, was therefore invited on the show At Jordan’s to testify. “Your last show together caused a lot of talk. You said in this show that people often take it like a child”the journalist first reminded his guest before the latter responded: “I can’t stand this company because you always have to hit someone”.

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Mimie Mathy, far from being a “bad” woman for Stéphanie Fugain

The friend of Mimie Mathy deplores the fact that many journalists have “called” to ask him “if she (Mimie Mathy) was bad or mean”. “I told them that I didn’t know her to be mean so I told them ‘I’m not going to tell you that she’s mean’”, she would have replied firmly. The 66-year-old actress, Stéphanie Fugain knows her “since she was little”. She recognizes that she may have “crosses” but if some people call her mean, it’s also because fans have a strange way of calling her out in the street.

“The people who love her call out to her by tapping her on the shoulder or the head, like one does for a child. So it’s normal that at some point she says ‘eh oh, I’m not don’t talk like that!”she took as an example to justify the possible slippages of Mimie Mathy.


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