Aya Nakamura violently denies having been robbed, her other half, Vladimir, appears with a completely swollen face

A wave of burglaries is currently hitting French celebrities. The singer Vitaa, the former Miss France Sylvie Tellier, the host Nikos Aliagas, the pastry chef Cyril Lignac, the journalist Anne-Sophie Lapix and even the host Bruno Guillon… all these public figures have recently had to face the violation of their privacy and the loss of precious property due to criminals.

This Wednesday, February 7, 2024, our colleagues from Parisian announced that unfortunately it’s Aya Nakamura’s turn to be the victim of a burglary. According to the newspaper, four individuals entered the singer’s home in order to commit theft. If the 28-year-old artist was not at home at the time, the burglars, however, came across his companion, the producer Vladimir Boudnikoff.

Determined to leave with some loot, the thugs did not hesitate to beat him with a rifle butt before stealing his cell phone and breaking it in front of him. A few hours after this announcement, Aya Nakamura came out of silence to deny the information. “They’re really clickbait. I don’t live in Rosny, it’s becoming an obsession with you there” she said annoyed, over a screenshot of the said article.

Vladimir Boudnikoff shows swollen face
The day after Aya Nakamura spoke, her companion Vladimir Boudnikoff, who is none other than the father of her two-year-old daughter, also came out of silence. “Thank God everything is fine… a few stitches, a few staples on the head. But Nothing serious… it could have been worse… The head is hard like where I come from. Thank you for your messages” wrote the young man on Instagram, this Thursday, February 8, 2024, in the caption of a photo in which he appears with a swollen face.

Faced with this publication, Internet users then expressed their incomprehension since the producer’s words contradict the singer’s assertion. But everything suggests that the couple was indeed the target of the burglars and that the latter did indeed rely on violence to achieve their ends.


source site-8