Axel (“Star Academy”) shocked by a physical detail from Mr. Pokora: unexpected confidence

A few weeks ago, Axel and the other students of the star Academy still in the running had the privilege of attending the concert that Matt Pokora gave to Bercy. The opportunity for apprentice artists to discover the show of one of the biggest French stars, who has been performing musically and artistically on stage for several years. The winner of the very first season of Dance with the starswho was revealed by Popstars a few years earlier, is one of the biggest performers on the French-speaking music scene, and manages to sing and dance at the same time, in exceptional scenographies. His tours are always sold out, and his longevity can only be praised.

In an interview orchestrated by Gilles Ganzmann on Sud Radio this Friday February 2, 2024, Axel Marbeuf, eliminated at the gates of the final by Julien Liebermann, returned to this meeting and this show that he will not soon forget. And what Axel remembers from Mr. Pokora is something to surprise and make you laugh: the young man remembers an artist so little tired by the feats he had achieved during more than two hours of show, that he does not didn’t sweat a drop, and always had impeccable body odor!

“Did you breathe it?”

“Matt Pokora, we had the chance to see him at Bercy, and it’s incredible what he does: he sings, he dances, he makes people laugh… and he smells good! And that’s is the goal! It’s very, very, very stylish.”explained the young man who will be found this Saturday, February 3, 2024 for the grand finale of season 11. Words which inevitably made the journalist react, who was very criticized on social networks by fans of the Star Acwho criticized him for asking inappropriate questions to Axel and Héléna, also present: “Because you breathed it?”he asked seriously. And Axel rectifies the situation: “No, I didn’t breathe it.”

A few minutes later, Gilles Ganzmann, visibly marked by Axel’s comments on Mr. Pokora’s impeccable hygiene, added a layer! While Héléna revealed that she had wonderful memories of her meeting with Lara Fabian, the Sud Radio journalist questioned her: “And she smelled good?” Questions which followed with ever more perceptible unease, particularly on the metro and on Héléna’s grandmother who disappeared during the competition. Great journalism!…

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