Australia delays closure of its largest coal-fired power station

(Sydney) Australia announced Thursday that it is delaying the closure of its largest coal-fired power station, saying it still needs the highly polluting facility while it works to increase renewable energy.

The massive Eraring power station in New South Wales was due to close in 2025, but the state government has given it a two-year lifeline amid a shortage of electricity. impending energy.

State Premier Chris Minns said the reprieve would help ensure reliable energy and electricity “while we transition the workforce and economy to carbon-neutral consumption.

The Australian Conservation Foundation called the Eraring power station a “coal junkyard” that released almost 3% of the country’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

“Summers in New South Wales are now characterized by unprecedented floods, heatwaves or deadly fires, and these extreme weather conditions are exacerbated by the lengthening lifespan of fossil fuels like coal” , castigated the foundation in a press release.

About 70 per cent of the electricity supplied by NSW comes from four aging coal-fired power stations, all of which are expected to retire within the next 10 to 15 years.

Like many countries, Australia is trying to reconcile its long dependence on fossil fuels with its bold renewable energy ambitions.

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