Aurélie Casse on bad terms with Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine? She reacts for the first time to her departure from “C à vous”

Announced as the new star recruit of C to you last summer, Aurélie Casse will not have stayed long. After four months spent around Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine’s table, alongside Émilie Tran Nguyen, Bertrand Chameroy, Lorrain Sénéchal and Mohamed Bouhafsi, Patrick Cohen and Pierre Lescure, Aurélie Casse suddenly disappeared from the air upon returning vacation from C to you. His last appearance on set dates back to the last show of 2023… After several weeks of (false) suspense, his departure, revealed by exclusively on Monday January 27, was made official by production, subtly, a few hours later. Indeed, the journalist was eclipsed from the creditsafter a month of absence, confirming rumors that had been fueling the Web for weeks.

This Friday, January 26, in its issue on newsstands, Audience revealed the reasons for this abrupt departure, attributed to possible dissensions which would have opposed Aurélie Casse to the host Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine. The host of C to youwould not have looked favorably the arrival of the BFMTV journalist in his team, imposed by producer Pierre-Antoine Captonand that she immediately perceived as a rival ready to steal his place In the coming years. From then on, an anxiety-provoking climate would have set in between them, to the point of no return pushing the producer of the show to make a firm decision, removing his new recruit from the show.

She claims to be on good terms with Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine… Really?

In an interview given to La Tribune Sunday this January 28, 2024, Aurélie Casse formalizes for the first time her premature departure from C to youand confides in the reasons for it. Journalist evades questions surrounding possible friction with gangand assures that it is a personal choice, in order to devote himself exclusively to his work at C l’hebdoof which she took the reins at the start of the season in place of Ali Baddou: “I loved these few months with Babeth and her entire team because I learned a lot alongside them. Today, I have to concentrate more on C l’hebdo in order to better embody it, to add my real personal touch. And it’s a good decision, because the audiences are very good with more than 1 million viewers on average. Furthermore, I have projects in progress with Mediawan reassured the former protégé of Marc-Olivier FogieL. Angry, not angry? The mystery remains!

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