Audrey Fleurot announces a big upheaval for the new season… and you won’t like it!

For many months, Audrey Fleurot and Mehdi Nebbou film the new adventures of Morgane Alvaro and Adam Karadec in the hit series HPI

. Launched in April 2021, this series achieved stratospheric audiences upon its launch, and entered the history of the French audiovisual landscape. For its first episode, the series beats the audience record for a French series launch since 2010 and the first episode of
. By counting the first episode only, we must go back to the launch of RIS Forensic Police in 2006 to find a similar audience. The third episode breaks all records, by bringing together more than 10 million fansa score which had not been achieved by a French series since the episode The Angel of the Barracks of
Joséphine, guardian angel
broadcast in March 2007.

But with the consolidation of the audiences on D+7, the audiences soared, and allowed HPI to break exceptional records. The first episode jumped to 11.55 million viewersand thus achieves scores in line with those achieved by Dolmen in 2005 and Marie Besnard, the poisoner in 2006. In terms of replay consumption, TF1 once again beat all records, with 2.39 million catch-ups in seven days, thus beating the historical record previously held by the series Elise’s secret. Finally, the first eight episodes of season 1 won over 11.5 million viewers45% of the overall public and 52% of housewives under the age of fifty, and has become the third most watched series in the history of French television since the creation of Médiamétrie in 1989, just ahead of Dolmen on the one hand, and The count of Monte Cristo the other.

The new season will be split in two…

Although the following two seasons declined slightly, the audiences nevertheless remained extremely satisfactory for TF1. Season 2, broadcast in May 2022, attracted 9.8 million viewers including 8.1 million in watch audiences. Scores on the FRDA-50 increased by 2.5 points over one year, and set a record for 17 years. This season 2 above all allows TF1 to beat all records in terms of advertising rates, since each 30-second advertising spot allowed the channel to earn 165,000 euros gross. Season 3, broadcast last spring, brought together 9.1 million fans and 55% of housewives. Without much surprise, TF1 validated the filming of two new seasonswhich should be the last as implied by Audrey Fleurot, who does not want to offer a season of too many HPIand thus let the series enter the history of French television, without tiring the public.

The 2024 Olympics responsible?

Season 4 has been filming for several months, and will welcome a new recurring character played by Louise Massin. But viewers will be surprised to discover that only four 52-minute episodes will be offered to them. Indeed, TF1 has decided to divide this new burst of unpublished material into two parts, in order to offer two sessions of unpublished HPI material during 2024. Thus, as revealed North Coastthe first four new releases will be offered at the end of spring 2024, and the next four will be available in the fall.

It was the production of the series that released the information to our local colleagues: “This year, it’s going to be special. The HPI series will be broadcast in four episodes as usual in May-June, and four episodes in September-October”. With this new strategy, TF1 is perhaps seeking to avoid the danger of the 2024 Olympic Games, which, throughout the summer, will reshuffle the television cards. The channels will most likely exclusively broadcast rebroadcasts of the events which will be offered, for a month, 24 hours a day, on public service channels. Reruns of HPI cannot be excluded… To be continued!

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