At the Gaza border, French deputies come to “carry out the ceasefire” to avoid “the genocidal risk”

Left-wing elected officials, rebels and environmentalists, are on their way to Rafah on Sunday, via Egypt. A trip to call for a ceasefire and meet those on the ground, humanitarians and caregivers



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An Israeli bombardment in Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip, February 3, 2024. (MOHAMMED ABED / AFP)

Departing early on Sunday February 4 in the morning from Cairo aboard a bus, they are around twenty French left-wing elected officials on their way to Rafah, closest to the Gaza Strip. A trip at the initiative of La France Insoumise MP Eric Coquerel.

“This is the first time that parliamentarians at the international level have come to this side to carry out the ceasefire, I hope that others will continue subsequently.”

Eric Coquerel, LFI deputy

at franceinfo

Their objective: to carry out a symbolic action at the Rafah border post, on the Egyptian side. “This symbolic action consists of making oneself heard and reading a declaration”adds Eric Coquerel. “And above all, we will meet humanitarian workers, notably from the Palestinian and Egyptian Red Crescent, in the hospitals of Al-Arich.” The rebellious MP would especially have liked to cross the border to go to Gaza: “If it had been possible, absolutely! But I don’t think the Israelis would let us do it. And as on top of that, the bombings have been quite intensive in Rafah, there is no question of risking the lives of the Delegation.”

Occupy the diplomatic scene

For Eric Coquerel, this call for a ceasefire comes at a key moment: “The context makes it even more necessary since there is the International Court of Justice which handed down its sentence and which spoke of a genocidal risk. Everyone will try to avoid it, but first there must be a cease-fire. fire.”

It is also this Sunday, February 4 that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stéphane Séjourné, meets Egyptian President al-Sissi. The objective is therefore also to occupy the diplomatic scene. Andrée Taurinya, La France insoumise MP for the Loire, says she wants to carry the voice of the French in solidarity with the Palestinian people. “A voice that multiplies every week in France!”underlines the elected official.

“In Paris, in big cities and even in small villages sometimes, there are mobilizations to demand a ceasefire. I spoke of fraternity and sorority because Palestinian women are particularly affected.”

Andrée Taurinya, LFI deputy

at franceinfo

Finally, an interview with representatives of Unwra is on the program. The United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees is in turmoil, as a dozen of its employees are suspected of being involved in the October 7 attack. The delegation of left-wing deputies will spend the night in Al-Arich on the border, before returning to Cairo on Monday February 5.

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