At Sam Zirah, an ex-columnist of “TPMP” swings on Nikola Lozina and his attempts at seduction a few months after separating from Laura Lempika!

Just a few months after an overhyped wedding, Nikola Lozina and Laura Lempika made the decision to put an end to their story. “We will say that all beautiful things come to an end and it is with great emotion, great respect and common agreement that I announce the end of a beautiful story… We have achieved the most beautiful of victories: our son! And that’s what matters most to us. We’ll make sure he’s as happy as possible. I ask you to respect our choice and our relationship. We’ve been happy together, but we want and prefer to move on. separately, but hand in hand for the well-being of our child, which is our priority! We have always been discreet in our lives and we wish to continue to be so. It is a thoughtful and mutual decision in a respectful agreement “, wrote the young mother last December on social networks. A shock for the couple’s fans.

Despite a difficult break, in particular because of the distance and the brutal separation with his son Zlatan, the father of the family seems determined to turn the page. Recently, he would also have gone into seduction mode with a former columnist of Do not touch My TV. It was during an interview for Sam Zirah that Soraya Riffy spoke about their exchanges.

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“He’s chatting with me”

“Two or three months ago, Nikola Lozina started snapping at me”, she said. “It’s nothing serious, he just chatted with me. We’ve been talking to each other for a few months. He’s been chatting with me for 3 months but I answer once a week… He told me that “he was seriously interested, that he liked me a lot. Every time I’m at the gym, he comments on my stories and everything and me since I take a long time to answer, I told him that I was not not interested.”

If she likes to chat with him, the influencer assures that Nikola Lozina is not “not(s) on style”. “I told him I was dating someone and I wasn’t interested, so he was like, ‘It’s okay, I’m waiting for you to break up.’ I told him : ‘Why would you want me to separate?’ He said to me: ‘No, I don’t wish it on you, but in any case, he is very lucky. I will be patient.’ He has been waiting for 3 months and watching all my stories.” For the moment, the principal concerned has not reacted to these statements. To be continued…


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