at LR, many deputies were seduced by Gabriel Attal’s general policy speech

The new Prime Minister took up several subjects dear to the right on Tuesday, between firmness on the sovereign, “civic rearmament”, denunciation of “punitive ecology” and defense of the “value of work”. Enough to seduce some of the Republicans.

“We have the impression that Sarko held the fountain pen”, smiles a Les Républicains deputy, after Gabriel Attal’s general policy declaration. During his speech to the National Assembly on Tuesday January 30, the head of government outlined his priorities by taking up several themes dear to the right. As Emmanuel Macron did during his press conference on January 16.

“Civic rearmament”firmness on sovereign domains, denunciation of “punitive ecology” or defense of “work value” : the new tenant of Matignon has increased his appeals with his foot to his right. “One would have believed by listening to him that it was a Prime Minister of the late UMP [l’ancien nom de LR]confirms a right-wing MP. Authority, limitation of welfare, defense of the middle classes, tax cuts… His roadmap takes up several themes specific to the right.”

“He checked all the boxes: work, merit, authority, identity, the middle classes, Europe… There is not much left for LR”, adds another right-wing MP. In the ranks of the Republicans, many observed the announcements of the head of government with kindness. “There was determination, energy. He took up many things from what constitutes the moderate, reforming and liberal right. I was quite sensitive to this speech”confirms MP LR Nicolas Forissier, former Secretary of State to Jacques Chirac. “The verb is right-wing, the posture is right-wing, the ideas largely come from the right. The Prime Minister is raking to the right”also notes, on the social networkMP Eric Pauget.

“Yet another call or wake-up call? In the interest of the country, I hope that the actions will be right-wing.”

Eric Pauget

on the social network

Gabriel Attal picked up the thread of the promises made two weeks ago by the Head of State, adding details and maintaining the firm posture adopted during his time at the Ministry of National Education. “When you are an LR deputy, you can finally understand that it is possible to work with the majority without denying yourself”judge Renaissance deputy Robin Reda, former member of the Republicans. “After the composition of his government, Gabriel Attal confirms with his program that he is the new Prime Minister of Nicolas Sarkozy. No wonder LR does not vote for our motion of censure”, mocks his side on X LFI deputy Eric Coquerel.

Words without actions?

With this strategy resolutely focused on his right, what are the intentions of the new Prime Minister? “It was a campaign speech for the European elections, with the desire to smash the RN and charm the right”estimates an LR deputy. “He may be trying to win back an electorate, but he makes a whole bunch of unrealizable promises, that’s still communication”regrets MP Hubert Brigand.

There are several who are now demanding action from the new government. “The key words are there, as is often the case in macronia, and sometimes even in the right order. Unfortunately, the actions and measures announced are moving further and further away from them”believes on social networks the deputy Fabien Di Filippo, who denounces the “political marketing” of the Prime Minister. “Speeches are easy. Actions are much more complicated. For the moment, the score is not there”asserts his colleague Anne-Laure Blin.

“Gabriel Attal speaks partly like the right but, until now, all the governments to which he has belonged have acted like the left,” says LR MP Ian Boucard. “Beyond words – and the Prime Minister’s talent for communication is undeniable – his actions over the past seven years have often disappointed”agrees the deputy Thibault Bazin, who is still waiting for Gabriel Attal on other right-wing themes, such as the support of “access to property” for the middle classes or “an ambitious family policy”.

“We’re going to have to get out the printing press”

“We have a few chapter headings that smack a little more to the right than to the left, but this packaging is not enough! What about decentralization? The shock of simplification? We have several measures announced, but the whole lacks a bit of breath. It’s a bit techno”, comments MP Philippe Gosselin. Many of them also say they are disappointed by the absence of “concrete answers” to the anger of the agricultural world.

“The announcements are for many interesting, but have a significant budgetary cost, therefore producing additional debt. There has been very little talk of savings”also regrets MP Annie Genevard. “If he wants to achieve everything, he will have to print money”, confirms Hubert Brigand. Gabriel Attal nevertheless affirmed on Tuesday that he wanted to stay the course of a return of the public deficit below 3% of GDP by 2027. Several members of LR also did not appreciate the announcement of an aid reform state medical system by regulation and not by the vote of a new text by Parliament – “a betrayal of the word given”according to Eric Ciotti, president of LR.

The president of the Les Républicains group in the Assembly, Olivier Marleix, for his part warned the Prime Minister in the hemicycle: “Remember that the lifespan of your government (…) also depends on this National Assembly where you are in the minority and in which you will not have the confidence”he said, still leaving the threat of a motion of censure which could be voted on by all the oppositions.

“The French can no longer stand empty speeches, your La Redoute catalogs of promises never kept.”

Olivier Marleix, LR deputy

at the podium of the National Assembly

But among the LR deputies, not all are as threatening. “I am constructive, and when I hear the speech, I tell myself all the more that we should move towards an agreement with the government, admits an LR deputy. If the things announced are carried out, we will be faced with the evidence that we have very little difference with the policy as it is pursued by this government. In this case, we will have to consider a pact for the years to come.”

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