“At a friend’s house… for ten hours”, Loana confirms live in “TPMP” that she was raped last September

A series of terrible news. This Saturday February 3, 2024, Loana

made people talk about her again after several months of absence. The star of Loft Storyas we revealed to you, was hospitalized in January 2024 after “serious head trauma following discomfort on public roads”. The liaison letter which reports on his hospitalization at the Nice University Hospital has also been revealed.

In it we learn that Loana

was taken care of on January 12. But a much more difficult situation was experienced by the ex-reality TV candidate several months ago as announced TPMP on his X account, formerly Twitter, this Monday. Indeed, the account of the show hosted by Cyril Hanouna announced the arrival of Loana in the show to discuss the rape of which she was allegedly a victim. “Exclusive testimony. Victim of rape and assault, Loana comes out of silence this evening in TPMP”was written in the caption of the publication.

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Loana assaulted and raped for ten hours

And it didn’t take long before Loana doesn’t confirm everything. “Loana, you know we love you very much here […] What happened to you in September?”asked the host of the daily C8 before the main interested party responds with great coldness: “Rape…”.

“Baba” wanted to know more and asked her, if she wanted, to elaborate and get details. “It was midnight. I was where I lived before. I went out to walk my dog ​​and I met a person I knew. We had often seen each other at parties and in clubs. He asked me if I wanted to come and have a drink glass, he lived next door. Well I followed someone I thought… and he raped me for ten hours”, she revealed, shocking the entire set. Today, Loana does not want to hear any more about her attacker and does not yet have the strength to prosecute him even though the police have heard her in the case.


source site-8