“Anyway, they already know the winner”, the candidate who took over “Organized Band” is already tackling the show

This Saturday February 24, 2024, TF1 broadcast a new episode of The Voice: the most beautiful voice

. A unique event during which Red Varnish, young singer very well known on the TikTok application, played the card of originality and provocation by covering Organized Band of the collective 13’Organized in which Jul, SCH, Kofs, Naps, Soso Maness, Elams, Houari and Solda perform the verses.

A choice which angered viewers. “It’s a bit limited anyway”, “She could have avoided the insults”, “It changed The Voice”, “A thought for the housewives, the targets of this program, or the oldest…”, “It’s a waste, reassure me”, could we read in particular under an Instagram publication posted on the official account of the show.

However, if the song selected by the budding artist sparked controversy, some Internet users questioned the reasons why Vianney, Mika and Zazie chose not to turn their red chairs when the pretty blonde passed by. Annoyed, one fan even suspects the talent show of being rigged. “Anyway with The Voice they already know the winner from the start…Everything is written with them”, she indicated. An analysis that Vernis Rouge also liked.

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“The show is actually rigged”

This is obviously not the first time that the program has been singled out in this way. Last March, the coaches themselves rebelled against Vianney and his numerous “knowledge”, suggesting that “the show was rigged”. “No, but wait, the V (in ‘The Voice’) is Vianney’s in fact“, had launched Amel Bent before the interpreter of I am a man does not add: “Come on, let’s go, come on, let’s get out of the way… He knows all the talents. The show is rigged in fact.” And Flo concludes: It’s fake… Twice in a row I know (Vianney)”. A sequence that created a buzz.


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