Anthony the son of Alain Delon breaks the silence concerning Hiromi, the lady companion!

The children of Alain Delon have decided to join forces… Anthony, Anouchka and Alain Fabien have indeed decided to file a complaint hand in hand against their father’s companion, baptized Hiromi. The offspring of the 87-year-old man took legal action for acts of moral harassment and misappropriation of correspondence. “I suspect an abuse of weakness and I count on the investigation to establish it”, Family lawyer Christophe Ayela said in a statement.

“Since Mr. Alain Delon’s cardiovascular accident in 2019”, this woman “who moved in with him, has shown herself to be more and more aggressive, denigrating and insulting towards him, and towards his children”said master Christophe Ayela who made it known that Alain Delon had joined this complaint via a written statement.

A complaint filed this Wednesday, July 5, 2023 at the Montrais public prosecutor’s office.

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A second complaint from Alain Delon

For his part, Anthony Delon has decided to file a second complaint against the one Alain Delon presented as his companion not so long ago. Via a long press release, the latter also made it known that he “had taken the decision to notify and report facts which took place in (his) family circle and which more specifically concerned the relationship between (his) father Alain Delon and her companion” since January 31, 2022.

A rigorous observation that prompted the actor’s son to resort to justice: “I signed this complaint in solidarity with my family”he first said of the first lawsuit. “But I also filed mine today July 5, 2023 which I established over almost a year and a half and which absolutely must for obvious reasons complement that of the family. -even it is a complaint for: voluntary violence on a vulnerable person, moral harassment, abuse of weakness, sequestration on a vulnerable person and recently violence on an animal (Loubo), my father’s dog “he said.


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