Anthony Kavanagh replaced by Nikos Aliagas at the NRJ Music Awards, the comedian ready to take his place?

He hosted the ceremony for many years. But in 2006, he finally made the choice to leave his place to the animation of NRJ Music Awards. The Quebec comedian, Anthony Kavanagh, with his good humor and his closeness to the celebrities who had responded to the red carpet at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, always gave viewers a good time. So why did you bow out when everything was going well?

Questioned this Wednesday, December 21 by our colleagues from Telepro, he gave the exact answer. After having hosted the show for five years, the comedian left his place to Nikos Aliagas because he had some fed up”. “I felt that I had done the trick, that I had nothing more to add. Each year, we had to come up with something bigger”he detailed.

Anthony Kavanagh ready to eject Nikos Aliagas

On the other hand, he assures us, we have not “not kicked out”. It was he who made the choice to leave and not the other way around and he wanted to make that clear. Anthony Kavanagh “even wanted to quit after five years”. But according to the comedian, TF1 would have put him “a big push to do one more year”. Something he finally accepted and almost regrets today. It really pissed me offhe confessed.

But today, what about his project? Does he want to return to hosting the NMAs or let Nikos Aliagas run the show? “Six years after my departure, I was interested in coming back to present the NRJ but my friend Nikos took the baby. The internationals are no longer there”he admitted before however confessing: I would seriously consider it if offered to me.. Nikos Aliagas better watch out. Especially since he saw Camille Combal replace him after his injury on the set of the star Academy. The “rivals” seem more and more numerous for the presenter.

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