Anthony Delon rants against the dirt in Paris and claims to have discovered “rat death” in his neighborhood!

The strike does not weaken! For several days, Parisian garbage collectors have refused to pick up the garbage cans of residents and traders to protest against the pension reform project. Despite the anger of the French, Elisabeth Borne decided to activate 49.3 to pass it… Thus narrowly escaping the motion of censure. Thus, the protest movement is renewed until March 27, 2023.

To this day, heaps of garbage cans continue to pile up in the streets of Paris. According to the figures ofBFMTV” unveiled at the beginning of the week, the bar of “9,300 tons” waste has been exceeded. On the Web, stars and anonymous people use their social networks daily to immortalize the bulky items or rubbish that accumulate on the sidewalks of the city of love.

On March 21, on the Web, Carla Bruni also hit the headlines by relaying a snapshot of her, to say the least, original. Facing the camera, the former First Lady appears all smiles in the middle of the trash cans, sunglasses screwed on her nose and sneakers on her feet. “Spring! Thank you Anne Hidalgo”, simply captioned the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy. Unfortunately for the singer, her joke didn’t go down well with everyone.

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“The stench, the rats, the total!”

“Shame on you Madam in your well-protected environment. I unsubscribe from your page. You are not an example of solidarity in the face of people who toil and ask for better living conditions”, “We are not going to ask a bourgeois to understand the reality of a difficult job”, can we read in the thread of the comments of his publication. Or : “And the misery of people makes you laugh! It’s distressing!”

Recently, a completely different celebrity spoke out to denounce the chaos that reigns in the capital. Her name ? Anthony Delon. This Thursday, March 2023, the eldest son of Alain Delon took to his Instagram story to express his dismay. “Rue du Dragon, the stench, the rats, the total!”, annoyed the writer. And to underline not without bitterness: “What is Jean-Pierre Lecoq, mayor of the 6th arrondissement, doing? Worse! There is rat poison in some places. Our dogs will die if they eat that!”. A warning cry that will leave no one indifferent!


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