Anouchka, the daughter of Alain Delon, in tears on the set of Pascal Praud after the broadcast of archive images!

Emotion sequence. This Tuesday, June 20, 2023, Anouchka Delon was the guest of Pascal Praud in his show Time for the Pros broadcast on CNews. An appointment that did not fail to upset the young woman. During her interview with the famous journalist, the 32-year-old actress had the chance to discover archive images of her father, Alain Delon, dating from November 25, 1990. That is, the day of his birth. A particularly moving moment for the pretty brunette who had a hard time holding back her tears.

“It’s quite moving to see him like that. People see Alain Delon, but I see my father and I know what’s behind it”, confided the sister of Alain-Fabien and Anthony Delon with a trembling voice. Subsequently, the daughter of the one who gave the reply to Claudia Cardinale in the film by Luchino Visconti, Cheetah, in 1963, wanted to reassure fans of the actor. At 87, Alain Delon is “appeased” and surrounded by his relatives who are trying, somehow, to “Bring him some happiness.”

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Alain Delon and his son Alain-Fabien reconciled

His son, Alain-Fabien Delon, has also reconciled with his father. After complicated years, the young man finally found his way back to the family home. “When he recovered from his stroke, we sat on a sofa, I took a picture with him and after that I still said to myself that it had been ten years since I had sat next to him. on a couch. Ten years”, he recalled in an interview with Nikos Aliagas for 50′ Inside last April.

And to continue: “What did we do for ten years? What were the reasons we didn’t speak? We don’t really know. Ego or incomprehension, now I don’t want to come to that anymore.” “In difficult times, it brings ties closer”, he assured. “That’s the most important thing. Especially when you know that things are going very quickly and that I personally had a lot of problems with my father or with my mother, especially when I was younger.” Touching confidences.


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