Anny Duperey shoots Judith Godrèche and supports Benoît Jacquot and Jacques Doillon: “She was consenting”

Anny Duperey dares to say what she thinks. A few years after defending Gérard Depardieu, the actress popularized by the series A wonderful family granted an interview to Nathalie Renoux on RTL this Saturday February 10, 2024. Asked about the accusations which target the filmmakers Benoît Jacquot and Jacques Doillon, and which are mainly brought by the actress Judith Godrèche, the septuagenarian was not kind to towards the latter, arguing that she could not what to be “consenting” on the grounds of having remained for more than six years with the first26 years his senior.

Anny Duperey initially explained that she had difficulty forming an opinion on the moral accusations made against various men in showbiz, on the grounds of never having been the target: “I have a lot of trouble reacting to that. Maybe I was lucky, I was someone, given my personal history with the death of my parents, as a survivor, no one risked asking attack with me, I didn’t have the profile of the victim. So, it’s true that I lack personal experience of harassment or things like that, to take a position”. The rest of his remarks are shocking: for Anny Duperey, Judith Godrèche could only “consent” to the relationship that she had with Benoît Jacquot, of whom she said “under the influence”and against which she has just filed a complaint for “violent rape of a minor under the age of fifteen”.

Conscious of “(to be) hit”Anny Duperey nevertheless insisted on owning her opinions: “I think this is all extremely exaggerated. Still, six years with a director, under the influence, I’m willing, but still consenting, right? I don’t really know what to think of all this, but I don’t ‘I don’t like late witch hunts like that’ she lashed out. Secondly, Anny Duperey wanted to draw a somewhat shaky parallel with the Roman Polanski affairand wanted to defend the filmmaker, considering that the accusations made against the latter “50 or 60 years later” were not audiblein view of the time that has elapsed.

“He slept with a 15-year-old girl 60 years ago!”

“Let’s admit that certain men were indeed predators, but they did beautiful works, and I would not like us to condemn their works at the same time as the man. For example, Polanski. That would be absolutely stupid, because Polanski slept with a 15-year-old girl fifty or sixty years ago, to condemn his works. We are not going to condemn The pianist, this masterpiece, because of the personal actions of its director. There is a kind of confusion between all this which bothers me a little. Let’s qualify, all the same” she concluded… There is no doubt that her words will strongly react to Judith Godrèche, Anna Mouglalis or even Muriel Cousinwho recently testified against Gérard Miller, alongside around forty other complainants and alleged victims.

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