an impressive Ireland tramples Italy

The Clover XV did not take half measures by crushing, on Sunday in Dublin, a helpless Squadra Azzurra unable to score a single point (36-0).

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The sound system at Aviva Stadium is cruel. By spitting the famous “Zombie”, by the Irish group The Cranberries, into her speakers after each Irish test, she seemed to remind the Italians of their sad state. However, this is the impression that the Transalpines gave, Sunday February 11, against the green ogre, a gluttonous winner with six tries and more than ever at the top of the ranking of the 2024 Six Nations Tournament after two days.

Italy, for its first trip of the Gonzalo Quesada era, saw 50 shades of green in Dublin. From pale green, as at the start of the match, to fluorescent green as soon as the Irish decided to accelerate. After a foggy start, the Clover XV scored on its first foray into the 22 transalpines. An almost sickening realism.

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The first try for Jack Crowley and Ireland


From then on, Ireland played to their hand, setting the rather slow tempo of the match before surprising the opponent with each change of pace. As conductor, Jack Crowley did wonders. The designated successor to Johnny Sexton at opener does not yet have the knowledge of the game of his elder but he has, ball in hand, a refreshing inspiration. Blind passes, unbalanced offloads, twisting hooks… a panoply to which the cold manager Sexton had not accustomed us.

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The offensive bonus trial for Ireland


If Ireland are now able to add a touch of improvisation to their already solid rugby, they risk quickly becoming unplayable. Five tries against the Blues when they entered the fray in Marseille, six this Sunday against Italy, and above all the feeling that Clover still has something under control.

It will nevertheless be necessary to confirm this impression against a less permissive opponent. Italy, which has as many victorious matches in the Six Nations Tournament as wooden spoons (13), still does not seem to have taken this step which would allow it to look its rivals in the eye. The last time the team finished fanny was in February 2022, at home against England (0-33).

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