an iconic candidate gets thrown off a flight and lets out her anger

In tears and angry, Jesta Hillman

gave a violent rant on Instagram this Monday, April 8, 2024. In fact, while she was preparing to go to Rome, the young mother, several months pregnant, was refused by the company Ryanair while she had to take a plane from their company.

“I’ll try to stay polite.”she said first, in tears, before continuing: “It’s very complicated for me to remain polite but strong! I don’t even know how I manage to not blow everything up, I swear I have too much hatred, they won’t let us pass… but frankly Ryanair won’t Never !”

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Already a bad experience for Jesta Hillmann

Subsequently, Benoît’s partner, eight months pregnant, let her anger explode: “But look at me carefully, Ryanair will never again be this crappy low cost airline. They’re the only ones who had a direct flight… I took them once to go to Cyprus, it was horrible, I said to myself ‘never again’ but there…”

But what is the problem? “I have a certificate to travel and they don’t let us pass because they want me to fill out, the doctor to fill out a document that they have on the company’s website”she explained to her subscribers.

The ex-candidate of “Koh-Lanta” nevertheless had a certificate

Yet, Jesta Hillamann has in her possession a certificate from a doctor with whom she is accustomed to traveling.

“I have a certificate from a doctor who says that there is no problem for me to travel. This (she shows her usual certificate), this certificate works for all companies. I travel a lot, I take regularly fly with work, I have never had any problems with any company other than Ryanair”she defended herself, still as angry as ever.

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