“An H cup”… this star mom has decided to redo her breasts!

“I was hesitating but I decided to take the plunge. I’m going to redo my breasts. I’ve breastfed eight children, of course mothers will understand. When you breastfeed, you no longer have the same breasts as before”assured Amandine Pellissard, on May 8, on her Instagram account.

“You always have people judging you for anything and everything… You decide to redo your breasts at 35 after having eight children, it’s unconscionable… But whatever you do anyway, you can’t please everyone. And then, there will always be criticism. What do you want me to tell you? people. Because otherwise I stop living. And we only have one life so in fact I’m going to do what I want. It’s my life, it’s my body: I ​​do what I want! If I had wanted to make myself an H cup, I would have made an H cup!”continued the one who has since become an influencer.

It was in Tunisia that the main interested party decided to transform.“I said I wouldn’t touch my body, but only assholes don’t change their minds. As a woman, I want my chest back”she still clarified.

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Apolline Demarchelier

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