an emblematic measure in a law to prevent fires

The Assembly adopted an amendment on Wednesday May 17 which prohibits smoking near the massifs during the fire risk period. Other preventive screw turns accompany this measure to avoid extraordinary fires

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Fire in southern Gironde on July 18, 2022 between Louchats and Saint-Symphorien (CLAUDE PETIT / MAXPPP)

The Assembly adopted an amendment on Wednesday May 17 which prohibits smoking near forests during the fire risk period. A a measure which strikes the spirits to try to prevent a risk which will inevitably intensify in France because of global warming. She is part ofa bill on the prevention of fires, which is consensual.

>> Forest fires: what to expect in the years to come?

Fires will take an increasingly important place in our daily lives. The risk should increase by half within thirty years with the increase in droughts. And according to a report by the UN services, non-standard fires, that is to say almost uncontrollable, will increase by 14% in the next few years, and by 30% by the middle of the century. .

In France, the sectors affected by these fires are expanding. The north of France, for example, is now affected by major fires, but there is also an extension of the period. We saw it this year with early fires in March in the Alpes-Maritimes and in April in the Pyrénées-Orientales. The Senate published a report on the subject a year ago. The bill that comes from its ranks is inspired by this work.

In the bill, an amendment has been added to clarify matters regarding the responsibility of citizens. This amendment generalizes the ban on smoking in the forest, 200 meters from the massifs. During the period at risk, this measure will be part of the forest code. The periods will be defined by the prefects. It was already forbidden to light a fire in the woods. But the ban on smoking during the risky period was managed at the local level by the prefects.

Other measures to prevent fires

The law explicitly includes the throwing of cigarette butts among the causes that can unintentionally cause a fire. The text also reinforces the fines in an attempt to beef up the obligation to clear brush around homes, an obligation that is not very much followed in France. It aims to simplify the development of fire risk prevention plans. It also gives a legal leave of absence for volunteer firefighters.

The debate was consensual on this law. Deputies and senators must agree on a final version as France has entered the fire season: the forests are dry in the south of France and the Pyrénées-Orientales are at high risk of fire.

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