“All naked”, Clara makes a surprising confession about Julien and his relationship with nudity

Last weekend was busy for TF1. While the Miss France competition was broadcast on Saturday December 16, 2023 on TF1, the day before, the seventh bonus of the Star Academy

was broadcast live. An evening at the end of which an academic unfortunately left the adventure. Named alongside Julien, Axel, Djebril, Candice and Pierre, it was ultimately Clara who left the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys.

A departure which surprised the Web as much as the students of the eleventh season. As proof, while Clara’s comrades remained speechless when the verdict was announced, Internet users rushed to social networks to contest the results and demand the singer’s return!

Messages which preceded Clara speaking. The day after her elimination, fair play, the latter declared: “I’m always positive so that’s not what’s going to stop me, on the contrary. Obviously, the tour was a bit like the dream that we all wanted to have, but there was one who had to leave and that tonight, it’s me. It doesn’t matter. Everything’s fine and it’s the start of something new too.”

A positive state of mind which is already bearing fruit since following her elimination, the singer Vitaa made a great proposal to the former academician: “I would like to ask you to do several of my opening acts if you feel like it. I think you have a knack for being on stage and that you are comfortable”, asked Slimane’s sidekick during a live performance with the young singer. A request immediately accepted by the latter.

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Julien, too modest for Clara

This Wednesday, December 20, 2023, YouTuber Alix Grousset posted a video in which she interviews Clara… And the least we can say is that her guest played the transparency card during this exchange.

As proof, the singer revealed the identity of the candidate with whom she did not see herself living in a shared apartment. After hesitating between Candice for her disorderly side and Julien for his modesty, the artist finally chose the young man.

“He’s someone who kills me with laughter… He really has a personality… That’s Julien! You should know that he’s very modest. He’s the only one who’s very modest, we’re all naked all the time. When we came out of the shower in towels, we were careful that Julien wasn’t there. Me, I say to myself, if I live with a roommate, just for that, with Julien, this would be too complicated”, she explained afterwards.


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