Alex Goude cropped by Cyril Hanouna after putting a hand on the buttocks of Valérie Benaïm live

If the tray Do not touch My TV is very often a place of sad confidences, poignant testimonies and shocking revelations, Cyril Hanouna also knows how to lighten the atmosphere by carrying out small challenges with his team of columnists. This Wednesday, September 27, 2023, the host thus started his show by inviting his columnists to dance in turns but in duets. If Pascale from La Tour du Pin joined in the fun with Raymond on a wild salsa, Delphine Wespiser didn’t hesitate to let herself go with a slow dance with today’s guest, Patrick Sébastien. Géraldine Maillet teamed up with Gilles Verdez while Guillaume Genton finally found himself with Jean-Michel Maire.
It was then the turn of Valérie Benaïm who agreed to dance with her colleague, the host Alex Goude. If the atmosphere was one of laughter, things unfortunately got out of hand when
the new columnist allowed himself to put a hand on Valérie Benaïm’s buttocks
. Shocked by this gesture, Cyril Hanouna quickly intervened to calm things down.You’re a weirdo!” then launched the presenter. Surprised, Valérie Bénaïm however assured that “everything was fine” before even expressing her embarrassment: “I didn’t know he was going to put his hand on my ass, but in all friendship there’s no problem!”

And Cyril Hanouna continues to reprimand Alex Goude:You’ve gone crazy my friend, you’ve gone crazy!he said before worrying about Valérie Benaïm. “Is everything okay my darling?” he actually asked the columnist who is his friend. And the latter replied: “Yes, I am fine ! I was surprised, he apologized, he said he had to be humorous, it was a bit far but there you go…“. Overwhelmed, Alex Goude justified himself by assuring that there is “no sexual tension” particularly because he is homosexual. “If this offended, I apologize. That wasn’t the goal. The goal was to have fun and since we have to be careful about what we have to do today, I’m careful.” he assured.
Very quickly, the sequence relayed on Twitter generated strong reactions from viewers who were impressed by the scene. Enough to push Valérie Benaïm to speak on the social network after the show. I see all your comments. Thank you for your support. Alex’s gesture was inappropriate. We explained it. Of which act. Thank you Cyril Hanouna my friend, for reacting immediately. The case is closed.” This is what is said.


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