Aldebert promises big metal sound in his next children’s album from the “Enfantillages” series

For this new opus scheduled for April 26, the artist has created a double, Helldebert. A tasty blend influenced by his first love tinged with hard rock and his attachment to French song.

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The singer Aldebert in concert on the stage of the open-air theater during the Colmar Wine Fair Festival, August 5, 2023. (PHOTOPQR / L'ALSACE / MAXPPP)

“I grew up between AC/DC, Nino Ferrer, Slayer and Brassens”: Aldebert, star of children’s song, reconnects with his adolescence and puts a metal veneer on his next disc in the series Childishness.

For this new opus scheduled for the 26th April, the artist created a double : Helldebert. Nothing surprising for this regular at Hellfest, a festival dedicated to metal. The rock tones already present on old titles, like Big sound Or Hyperactivetherefore sprinkle Helldebert, Childishness 666which however does not fall into extreme music. “I play on an energy that children respond to, I don’t do growl (gutteral singing), I add little metal touches, but you stay in the Childishnessyou stay in Aldebert”, unfolds the singer for AFP.

The hit record series Childishness opens his songs to guests came from other universes. On delivery of 2021, Childishness 4we find Oxmo Puccino, Alain Souchon, the leader of Midnight Oil, Peter Garrett and Youssou N’Dour.

Amélie Nothomb, Max Cavalera

Aldebert has already revealed some of the new collaborations. The single already got out, The Satchel Carteldenounces school bullying, with the participation of Max Cavalera, historic singer of Sepultura, metal juggernaut. It’s a theme that touches Max, that affected his family.” develops Aldebert.

The march of the worldfuture piece, brings together the writer Amélie Nothomb and Serj Tankiansinger of System of a Down. “This song deals with conflicts in the world, with this propensity of humans to get on each other’s faces, a subject that Serj Tankian has already addressed in his songs”, details the singer on tours XXL (first dates announced in May 2024 to April 2025). “Amélie Nothomb is a fan of bands like System of a Down, Tool, and this is the first time that we welcome writers, we will soon announce the name of another great writer who is coming on this album.”

Hellfest 2024

It is one of “greatest pleasures” of Aldebert when he writes his albums : “ask ‘featurings’, we throw bottles into the sea, I’m just a little bald singer who sings children’s songs (laughs) but it responds! “At first, people told me ‘you’re going into a niche with songs for young people public’, but it’s a niche with an American kitchen, a mezzanine, lots of people come there (laughs).” Another little joy, Hellfest has just invited him for a special children’s section of publishing 2024.

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