Alain Delon: his companion suspected of moral harassment



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Alain Delon’s three children filed a complaint on Thursday, July 6, against Hiromi Rolin, their father’s companion, for alleged moral harassment. A preliminary investigation has been opened.

What happened in the domain of Alain Delon in Douchy in the Loiret? The 87-year-old actor and his three children have filed a complaint against Hiromi Rolin. The 66-year-old Japanese is presented by the Delon children as their father’s companion. The actor presents it himself as being his companion. They accuse him in particular of abuse of weakness and ill-treatment. Hiromi had been living with Alain Delon for four years. Wednesday, July 5, she was pushed out.

Hiromi Rolin did not react

“The family didn’t want to let her go and she got a little angry so they called the gendarmerie and then she was taken by ambulance to Montargis”, reports Abel Martin, mayor of Douchy. Alain Delon’s private projectionist dealt with Hiromi Rolin during his last visit, but she refused to open the door to him. Hiromi Rolin and Alain Delon have known each other for thirty years, but they got closer in 2019, after the stroke of the actor. It was after this moment that she would have started to behave badly, according to the Delon family. Hiromi Rolin did not react publicly.

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