Alain Delon “dominated” by Hiromi? Shocking revelations from his former projectionist!

It is a very dark affair that shakes the Delon clan. This Wednesday, July 5, 2023, Anthony, Anouchka and Alain-Fabien, the children of Alain Delon, announced, through their lawyer, their decision to file a complaint against Hiromi Rollin, presented by some as the lady-in-waiting of the actor, by others like his companion, for moral harassment, abuse of weakness and violence. Charges which obviously did not surprise Jean-Pierre Lécluse.

For more than 20 years, the septuagenarian offered his projectionist services to the actor in his private property in Doulchy. It is therefore natural that last May, he went to his former boss during the screening of the film wild days, organized at the Vox cinema, in Château-Renard in the Loiret, in order to ask him for a photo. A request that Hiromi would have refused him. Interviewed by our colleagues from France 3 Centre-Val de Loire, Jean-Pierre Lécluse remembers the strange character of the one that is causing ink to flow today. “I wanted to take a photo. She simply said to me: ‘No, we don’t take a photo’. Delon looked up at her and said: ‘Yes, we will do it’.”

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“She dominated Alain Delon”

Unfortunately, this unfortunate episode is not an isolated case. Recently, Hiromi refused him access to the Brûlerie estate. “She told me he wasn’t there. I knew he was there, I saw him enter the property. I never understood why she refused me entry”, he remembered. And to continue: “When we say “sequester”, I completely agree with that. The proof, as long as she was there, I could never see it! Abuse of weakness, it is sure and certain that she had power over him. I know it because I knew it through another person that she was dominating Alain Delon. I knew he was on a leash.” His biggest dream? “Seeing him again, talking to him. It would be wonderful for me.”


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