Alain Delon, conspicuously absent, nevertheless intervened!

The tributes were already raining on July 16, 2023 at the announcement of his disappearance, but they only grow over the hours on the occasion of his funeral. Jane Birkin is honored today in Paris at the Saint-Roch church. If the ceremony is done in the intimacy of family and friends, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Douillon, the daughters of the icon of the 1960s and 1970s, still wanted their mother’s fans to accompany her.

They therefore decided to install several giant screens, not far from this church located in the 1st arrondissement of the capital. “To involve the general public, the ceremony will be broadcast live on a giant screen at the corner of rue Saint-Honoré and rue des Pyramides”warned a source close to the clan to AFP.

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Alain Delon physically absent but present, and saddened, by thought

Since 10 hours, many personalities come to salute the memory of Jane Birkin. From Benjamin Biolay to Catherine Deneuve, via Patrick Bruel and Sheila, the relatives of the artist who died at the age of 76 wanted to pay him a last tribute. Alain Delonmeanwhile, is an absent subscriber.

Unable to go to the Saint-Roch church, the sacred monster of French cinema who finds himself in the midst of a legal battle with his “lady-in-waiting” Hiromi Rollin, still managed to accompany Jane Birkin for his last trip. The 87-year-old artist has indeed written a letter to the attention of the ex-companion of Serge Gainsbourg, that the journalist Jean-François Guyot relayed on his Twitter account. “Let’s join your Serge, Romy and all the others… One more angel. Thank you, thank you my Jane! Alain”wrote Alain Delon in a short and moving letter.

A tribute to the image of Serge Lama

Hoping that his link with Serge Gainsbourg will not be misinterpreted by fans of Jane Birkin, as was the case with Serge Lama. A few days before the funeral of the icon of the 1960s and 1970s, the interpreter of I’m sick indeed wrote a poem that was not understood by everyone.

“And Vadim invented Bardot / And Gainsbourg invented Birkin / For France, two great gifts / Two great affronts to misogynists / Spearheads that carry high / The high feminine image / Glory to Birkin in his tomb Sadness! Like a fine rain”, he wrote. Many Internet users did not understand the meaning of the poem and found the text misogynistic. Fortunately, Serge Lama fans understood the meaning of his tribute and wanted to thank him for his nice words for the attention of Jane Birkin.


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