Alain Chamfort forced to correct a big mistake in “C à vous” about his relationship with Jane Birkin

After six years of absence, Alain Chamfort is back with a fifteenth album baptized “Impermanence”. To mark the release of this new opus, the 75-year-old singer is currently making numerous television appearances and interviews. He has just given his opinion on the regrets of his former partner Lio. We recall that the singer recently denounced the lyrics of her own song
Banana Split which was a real hit for years.

“I know that I completely opened the door to pedophiles and that I brought grist to their mill. I realize it today. I think that I can be forgiven because, really, At that time I did not see that I was totally complicit in this infamous treatment of young girls and young women.” she said.

And Alain Chamfort analyzes: “Lio can go far in his speeches, that’s also the charm of his personality. But it’s not very honest to blame Jacques Duvall for Banana Split 1. She knew very well what she was singing The fact remains that she is part of the movement, and when I hear Judith Godrèche’s speech, I think that the new generation receives it perfectly.”.

Alain Chamfort makes a statement to Jane Birkin
This Wednesday March 20, 2024, Alain Chamfort was invited on the set of the show “It’s yours” on France 5. His meeting and collaborations with Jane Birkin were then discussed. In 1979, the artist had in fact released the hit Let Me Try Againwritten by Jane Birkin herself. “She was not far from perfection, she was someone who had so many qualities. She was the woman incarnate, she was the muse, the spiritual, intelligent, funny girl…” he said declared before adding: “I don’t know what to say, it’s true that she embodied a kind of “ideal” he admitted.

The columnist Lorrain Sénéchal then evokes the meeting between Alain Chamfort and Serge Gainsbourg: “It was she who welcomed you to rue de Verneuil, to their home…”. Alain Chamfort then hastens to correct him by declaring: “It was rather Serge who welcomed me, she wasn’t there the first time I met Serge but he was charming, he was a little shy…”.

As a reminder, Jane Birkin died on July 16, 2023 at the age of 76, leaving behind thousands of inconsolable people.


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