Airlines refuse to lift the veil on agreements with customers

Major Canadian airlines are asking some of their passengers who want compensation for delays or cancellations to sign non-disclosure agreements if they want to get their money.

Passengers who file lawsuits after a major flight delay or cancellation are often offered money. This supposed gesture of goodwill, however, has a catch: the passenger must sign a non-disclosure agreement and drop his suit.

The Canadian Press contacted more than 20 Canadian airline customers who had to endure this scenario. Some rejected the offer, others accepted it. It appears the highest amount was a thousand dollars.

Air Canada states that these confidentiality clauses are common in resolving a dispute. She says she pays compensation when the client deserves it. WestJet declined to comment.

Consumer rights advocates reject the idea that a non-disclosure agreement is common in most business circles. They argue that this practice allows airlines to avoid creating a legal precedent or publicizing the importance of compensation paid.

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