against all odds, Didier, Damien’s father, stops his son’s wedding in the middle of the ceremony!

But what happened? While it is he, as well as his companion, who made the choice to register his son for the show Married at first sight, Didier finally seemed to no longer want his child to marry in the episode broadcast this Monday, April 25. One more hazard in this ceremony which had to face, a few minutes earlier, another incident.

Indeed, Paula, Pauline’s mother, was the victim of an illness when she arrived in Gibraltar. Everything seemed to be going very well for her, however, until she approached the altar. She had never hidden her stress at the idea of ​​being disappointed by discovering her son-in-law. But what worried him even more remains the fact that his daughter is experiencing a new love failure. This could go through Damien’s physique, which might not have suited Pauline, or the fact that the latter disappoints her during their relationship.

Interruption during the ceremony

To be totally reassured, Paula will unfortunately have to wait a little longer. But by worrying too much, she was seized with an anxiety attack as she approached the altar in front of which her daughter was going to say “yes” or “no” to her future husband. After a few minutes, the mother of the candidate of Married at first sight managed to regain her strength to sit in her chair and attend the ceremony with a broad smile, very reassured, when she discovered Damien for the first time. If viewers thought no more incidents were going to happen, they were totally wrong.

Indeed, while the officiant asked if someone wanted to speak, Didier, Damien’s father, raised his hand and stood up. “I don’t know what the outcome of the adventure you are going through will be”he began before making a statement to his daughter-in-law:“I wanted to tell you that I welcome you into our family, not as a patch but indeed as a daughter. And I wish you all the happiness in the world. And I already love like a daughter”. In the end, it was simply to make a sublime statement to Pauline that Didier interrupted the ceremony.

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