after Zarra’s outrage at Eurovision 2023, the real reason for her nomination

“I wrote this song as a love letter that I send to all the hearts that will listen to it. Love. Everywhere. Always. More than ever. Together. Heading to Eurovision!” This is how Slimane presented “My love”on November 8, 2023, the song that will represent France at Eurovision 2024, in Sweden.

Slimane to erase the outrage of Zarra

To hope to win the grand prize for France, which has always left empty-handed since Marie Myriam in 1977, the choice fell on Slimane as an obvious choice, report our colleagues from Télé Loisirs. This November 20, 2023, Alexandra Redde-Amiel, director of entertainment and games at France Télévision explained that to forget the inappropriate gesture of La Zarra, 16th in the general ranking, which had caused an outcry, Slimane was a “certainly more seasoned value” !

The latter also explains about the singer revealed by The Voice, “He is an artist who has captured the hearts of the French. We had been talking about it with him for a long time, his desire to participate in Eurovision already existed. Given his career and his success, there was no question of organizing a national selection. We listened to his piece and he convinced us!”

Competing without even competing in France

Slimane therefore qualified for Eurovision 2024 without even a competition (no Destination Eurovision, as for Bilal Hassani in 2019, editor’s note)! And for good reason, his song, entitled “My love” has everything to win. “She speaks of love in a world that really needs it. It is also very calibrated for Eurovision because it starts slowly and ends powerfully.” assures the head of the French delegation.


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