after Valérie Benaïm, Matthieu Delormeau adds another layer

While he is in full promotion of his autobiographical work entitled Without transition, Christophe Dechavanne

has been multiplying interviews for several weeks. But if the 66-year-old host is at the center of the news, it is also because he is involved in a dark affair. Twelve of his former colleagues have in fact decided to testify against their former boss. In the columns of The Obs, they denounce humiliating, insulting and “traumatic”.

He always blew hot and cold, he speaks badly, can whistle at people, hurt people by making fun of them, be acrimonious, scream because he cannot be wrong. And the next day he brings flowers, presents, says: ‘You know I love you.’ It ends up driving you crazy.”confided “an ex-comrade of Coyote”, production company of the TV man, to our colleagues.

Matthieu Delormeau reacts to recent accusations against Christophe Dechavanne

“When, by chance, I hear the credits, it makes me sick, it gives me a shock of electricity. He traumatized me“, added a former columnist of the show Hello, it’s us! Revelations which do not seem to surprise Matthieu Delormeau. “Wow…”he wrote on his X account, formerly Twitter, this Wednesday February 14, 2024 while sharing an article from 20 minutes title “Christophe Dechavanne attracts the wrath of his former colleagues”.

It must be said that Cyril Hanouna’s friend never held the host in his heart. Last March, he attacked him on the set of Do not touch My TV by declaring: “In general, hosts come back when the public likes them. The hosts who don’t generally come back on the air are those who, when they were at the top, sorry but I have to tell the truth, were odious. I am sorry, I have nothing against him. He worked with Boccolini it went badly, with everyone else it went badly. I knew him too it went badly, Jean-Michel Maire knew him, it went badly. Sorry, but he is hateful“. His opinion on the personality of Christophe Dechavanne has obviously not changed…


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