after two months of expertise, the illegitimate son of Alain Delon was buried in the greatest secrecy

While in Douchy, the Delon clan is currently more united than ever to legally face Hiromi Rolin, -the actor’s ex-lady-in-waiting against whom Alain Delon’s three children filed a complaint in particular for “willful violence”, “moral harassment”, “abuse of weakness” and “kidnapping” on July 5, 2023-, very sad news concerning them had almost been forgotten. That of the funeral of Ari Boulognethis photographer found dead at his home in rue Cambronne, in Paris, on May 20, and who, throughout his life, never stopped want to be recognized by his presumed father, Alain Delon. It’s the newspaper Release who, this Friday July 21 reveals that the son of Nico, the singer of Velvet Underground, was finally buried on Tuesday, July 18. Almost two months to the day after his death! Why such a delay? Our colleagues explain that it will have been necessary “two months of expertise” in order to clarifythe circumstances of his death.

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Since May 22, his companion placed on remand

They also recall thatan investigation is still ongoing. And according to the latest information, it is indeed the companion of Ari Boulogne, a 58-year-old woman, who would have discovered the lifeless body of the photographer when she was returning from a trip with her 21-year-old son. The latter, to have “failed” to alert the emergency services, fearing to be prosecuted since the man, according to her, victim of a supposed overdose, would have been initially placed in police custody, then indicted for “failure to assist a person in danger, manslaughter, transport, possession, acquisition and disposal of narcotics”according The Parisian. Since May 22, she would be placed on remand, revealed the Paris prosecutor’s office, again according to comments reported by the daily. Ari Boulogne, who always wanted to know the truth about his paternal ancestry, will never know it… but, disturbingly, the man was buried the same day as the disappearance of his mother, Nico, who disappeared on July 18, 1988 in Ibiza.


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