after the private jets at Le Bourget, Attac activists block the yachts of the billionaires’ quay in Antibes

The action took place peacefully. A few police officers only came to take down the identities of the demonstrators.

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They unfurled banners “Disarm the climate criminals” and “Don’t let the ultra-rich destroy the planet”. Attac activists blocked for an hour, Saturday, September 24, the famous quay of the billionaires of the marina of Antibes (Alpes-Maritimes). About twenty anti-globalization activists have closed the gate leading to the quay where the superyacht ships are moored.

The action took place calmly and is part of an appeal launched on September 15 by Attac, which according to it has already been signed by 10,000 people. A few police officers only came to identify the identities of the demonstrators, unlike the day before when the same association, during a protest action at Le Bourget against private jets, saw twelve of its activists placed in police custody.

“It is inadmissible to ask for efforts from the precarious when we do nothing against the ultra-rich”, justified Raphaël Radeau, spokesman of Attac. According to the association’s calculations, one of the moored ships alone consumed some 110,000 liters of fuel for a cruise from August 27 to September 8, or 280 tonnes of CO2. “This corresponds to 28 years of emissions for an average Frenchman.”

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