After the explosion that destroyed a hospital in Gaza, both camps blame each other



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On Tuesday October 17, a hospital in Gaza was hit by a violent explosion. Who is responsible for the tragedy? Hamas and Israel blame each other.

Shortly before 7 p.m., Tuesday October 17, we saw a ball of fire in the sky over Gaza. A few seconds later, an explosion on the ground. It is a hospital in Gaza which is heavily affected. The horror of this new humanitarian catastrophe is setting social networks and the West Bank, the other territory where Palestinians live, ablaze. Several mosques immediately called for people to gather.

What evidence?

Who is responsible ? The images are scrutinized by both camps. The head of Hamas accuses Israel of having struck.I call on all free people, the United Nations […], has clearly condemn this terrible massacre, this mass killing“, proclaims Ishmaël Haniyehthe head of the political bureau of Hamas.

For his part, Daniel Hagarispokesperson for the Israeli army, argues:THE “Consistent intelligence from multiple sources indicates that Islamic Jihad is responsible for the failed rocket attack that hit the hospital in Gaza.” IDF says he has proof. Israelis broadcast a conversation which they present as a discussion between two members of the Hamas. Blatant lies, according to Hamas.

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