after the controversies of the Rugby World Cup ceremony, his big announcement!

Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas, Gael García Bernal, and even Alain Delon, many have donned the black tunic and the famous mask over their eyes to sign “from the tip of their sword, a Z which means ‘Zorro'”. Over the years, actors have taken turns playing the role of the masked vigilante, always accompanied by Bernardo and his famous black stallion, Tornado. But it seems that a new actor is taking on this role again.

An actor who recently made a name for himself, and who did not fail to divide the French for his performance during the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup: Jean Dujardin. Nathalie Péchalat’s companion indeed spoke this Saturday, September 16, 2023 on Instagram, to announce the big news. The 51-year-old actor posted a photo of what looks like the poster for the series in preparation. “Z0RR0 filming SOON”, he simply wrote without giving the name of the director. However, Alexandra Lamy’s ex-companion cited Marcel Hartmann, author of the photo who knows how to perfectly highlight Jean Dujardin in the shoes of Zorro.

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Jean Dujardin in “Zorro” mode to fight criticism

Excellent news for those who were saddened and dismayed by the many negative reactions of September 9. Indeed, after participating in the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup, he, as well as all the other participants, received criticism from some of the French who judged said ceremony “too cliché” And “uninteresting”.

Jean Dujardin needed several days to digest the tackles and finally spoke out on September 14 in a long Instagram post to express his disappointment in the face of so many negative reactions. “I fell backwards”wrote the 51-year-old actor in the preamble, before continuing: “I never thought that my participation in the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup would trigger such a flood of political and media comments… We wanted it to be beautiful, we wanted it to be festive, we “We had fun imagining it, we all got involved together, volunteers, craftsmen, artists, happy to prepare it with everyone’s enjoyment in mind. We wanted to celebrate our country, our know-how and the history of rugby.”

Fortunately, the announcement of his new project undoubtedly allowed him to move on quickly. Especially since his subscribers were keen to congratulate him on obtaining the role and express their pride at seeing him in the skin of such an iconic character.


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