after Lou, Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s daughter, Dominique Lagrou-Sempère’s turn to knock him out!

This Friday, March 17, 2023, Dominique Lagrou-Sempère was the guest of Jordan de Luxe on his show At Jordan’s. An opportunity for the host to question the journalist about her relationship with Jacques Legros and what she thinks of the latter’s remarks concerning Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

As a reminder, the joker at the presentation of the 1 p.m. Journal on TF1 mentioned, in his book, Behind the screenhis complex relationship with the husband of Nathalie Marquay. “He wanted to keep the leading role and asked the team more than necessary. […] He wanted more and more to take control of the whole newspaper”, he laments in his book while giving some unpleasant details: “I was starting to boil inside, until the day I broke out, gathered my things and went back to the parking lot and my car. Since he wanted to write the newspaper for me, let him come and do it!”

Shocking revelations that shook the Pernaut clan, but also those close to the journalist. Like Nathalie Marquay, Dominique Lagrou-Sempère visibly condemns the low blow of Jacques Legros. “I haven’t read his book, I’m not interested in little phrases that come and go. Everyone is free to say what they say. Everyone is responsible for their words. I think that today Jean-Pierre is not here to talk, to say what is going on… and that’s a shame”, she said before adding: “I think when you have something to say, you say it to your face.”

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The day before, Lou Pernaut had been just as vindictive. “Mom was not happy at all. I don’t even know what he released anymore… But I know that we spoke about it with my mother because we were very scared as he presented the 1 p.m. on the day of the first anniversary year of the death of my dad, so last March 2. And we were really afraid that he would do nothing because they were supposedly at odds as he had said during confinement that my father was too demanding and who had stolen his place. […] It’s jealousy, but he’s not a mean man”, launched the young woman. Atmosphere…


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