After Hellfest, the French metal band Manigance returns to its Bearn lands

After having faced the rage of the metalheads of Hellfest, Manigance, the metal group from Béarn, played in their stronghold, at the Transhumances musicales de Laas in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques.

France 3 Aquitaine / Mr. Rezki / R. Hauville / Mr. Galle

This year, the festival of Musical Transhumances dared an evening with big sound. On the program, the five friends of Manigance, Bleck targeted on an ACDC Tribute and headlining the evening, the Spanish ska punk band Ska-P. “It’s a festive public so it’s a challenge to offer them metal”, explains guitarist Lionel Vizerie, just before going on stage. A successful bet if we are to believe the comments on the group’s Facebook page.

Dark costumes, sexy choreographies, melodic heavy metal, for 30 years the universe of the group Manigance stands out for its unique style. “We have always remained in French metal with something to say, the public understands what we want to say and that has been the strength of the group from the start”, says François Merle, founding member & guitarist of the group.

Started in 1995, Manigance’s adventure continues on stage and through distinctive albums. The latest, released in March 2022 and titled The Ball of Shadows, is composed of twelve hard-hitting modern power tracks with the powerful voice of Carine Pinto. A new opus written and composed during confinement with texts that resonate like therapy. “It was a way to evacuate all that we felt, frustrations, lack of freedom”, explains singer Carine Pinto.

But Manigance’s real magic potion is undoubtedly the complicity that unites the five friends. “We’ve known each other since we were kids, this osmosis and this friendship is what allows us to support each other because it’s not always easy”, laughs drummer Patrick Soria.

Next concert date for Manigance: September 15, 2022 in Lyon at Rock’N’Eat

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