after Alicia, another candidate victim of harassment, he says stop to “racist comments”

Since February 13, 2024, TF1 has been broadcasting the twenty-fifth season anonymous of Koh Lanta baptized
The immunity hunters
. Unfortunately, once again, this new edition does not escape the harsh rules of social networks. And while Alicia has been the victim of numerous derogatory comments for two weeks, weighed since by the announcement of her cystic fibrosis, now it’s Amri’s turn to be the victim of virulent comments following a sequence broadcast, in which viewers found him discourteous and condescending towards William.

Indeed, in the second episode broadcast this Tuesday, February 20, Amri, annoyed by the lack of food in the camp, attacked William, which suggested that he would quickly and easily find some; remarks which annoyed Amri, who, overcome by hunger and impatience, was somewhat pedantic with his colleague. But since then, the forty-year-old from Seine-Saint-Denis, who works as a gym manager in the city, has been targeted by a series of racist attacks. A cyber-harassment far from unprecedented to which the candidate responded this Wednesday, in a post published on his Instagram account.

“William is a person I really appreciate”

“I wanted to make this post following the hateful and racist comments I have received since yesterday” began the father of the family, hurt by the comments of rare violence that he was able to read: “My words are those of a man who reacts quickly following William’s words, who tells us that he will find us food easily, and above all quickly. It has been four days since he had eaten anything, despite hours of research” he wanted to contextualize. The candidate assured do not have “never disrespected William”ensuring that the two were even very friends: “This goes against my values ​​and my education. William is a person that I appreciate enormously, and he knows it (…) I take full responsibility for the fact of having given my opinion on what I felt at the time, this is also part of my values.”

Although many Internet users were keen to defend him, other regular viewers remained stunned by the comments he made about William, particularly off-screen: “I think William’s intention is to integrate as quickly as possible and for that he shows his knowledge, it annoys me“, “We are waiting for a return on investment”, “There, we validate” he notably declared about the young man. You thought it was your slave, William ? You can’t get the bananas, can you? You need a photo to recognize it.” added an Internet user, still annoyed by the supposedly derogatory comments that the adventurer made.

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