after a blunder by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, Fabrice Luchini lets loose live in “C à vous”

After a well-deserved vacation, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine has been back at the helm of her show “C à vous” for two weeks now. For this new season, new columnists have taken their place around the set, namely Lorrain Sénéchal who replaces Matthieu Belliard, Stéphane de Groodt and Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus who run a column called “Les radoteurs” or even Aurélie Casse who formerly officiated on BFMTV.

As always, Anne-Elisabeth treats herself to distinguished guests. A few days ago, Yvan Attal was on the set of the show and made an unexpected revelation about the marriage proposal from Charlotte Gainsbourg who has shared his life for 32 years now.

This Friday, September 15, 2023, the joyful team received Chilly Gonzales and Fabrice Luchini live on France 5. The actor is currently promoting the film La petite in which he plays Joseph, a grandfather who finds himself in a difficult situation. dramatic. Joseph learns that his son and his companion have just died in an accident but they were expecting a child via a surrogate mother in Belgium. What will become of their future baby? Is Joseph the legitimate grandfather? Carried by the promise of this birth which will prolong the existence of his son, the sixty-year-old sets off to meet the young Flemish woman with a fierce and indomitable character…

Enough to push Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine to praise the actor… before getting confused: “You are wonderful in Tapie (series dedicated to Bernard Tapie broadcast on Netflix, editor’s note) but really La petite… Not so much that we suddenly want you to give us a child…” she said before bursting out laughing, realizing what she had just said. Amused, Fabrice Luchini then replied: “Making love with Babeth, I’m going to ask my wife what she thinks.”

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