Addiction: how to treat children sick from screens?


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Faced with a very large consumption of screens, behavioral problems are more and more frequent. Consumption sometimes begins very young, hence these consultations of a new kind intended to treat children sick from screens.

Screens even in strollers, anger if they are confiscated, a fight for many parents. For Raphaël, three years old, everything is under control according to his mother. He has the right to 5 minutes before the bath. But not everyone is so reasonable. The doctor’s recommendation is clear: no screen for three years. The reality is quite different. At two years old, we count 56 minutes a day in front of the screens and at three and a half years old, 1h20. The average hides much more worrying cases.

Visual and auditory hallucinations

The Bondy hospital (Seine-Saint-Denis) is the first to offer consultations for very young screen addicts. During the first date last year, a 4-year-old toddler did not speak and spent 6 to 7 hours a day in front of the TV. The little boy was no longer sleeping and was even hospitalized for visual and auditory hallucinations. Until then, her mother thought she was doing well. “The screen before the age of 6 learns nothing because there is nothing pedagogical, nothing educational”underlines Dr. Sylvie Dieu-Osika, pediatrician at the Jean-Verdier hospital (AP-HP) in Bondy, member of the Collective overexposure screens. Today, the little boy is doing better and has caught up with his developmental delay.

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