Actress Judith Godrèche filed a complaint for “violent rape of a minor under 15” against director Benoît Jacquot

For several weeks, the actress, who told France Inter that she had filed a complaint, has been testifying on social networks to denounce the director’s “control” over her when she was a teenager.



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Judith Godrèche on the beach in Deauville during the American Film Festival, September 3, 2023. (LOU BENOIST / AFP)

Actress Judith Godrèche told France Inter that she filed a complaint on Tuesday February 6 against director Benoît Jacquot for “violent rape of a minor under 15 years old”, confirming information from the World.

The actress has spoken in recent weeks about her relationship with the director 25 years her senior, when she was a teenager. In his series Icon of French Cinemabroadcast at the end of 2023 on Arte, the director first mentioned this relationship, but without ever explicitly calling Benoît Jacquot into question.

It was finally on social networks, on January 6, that Judith Godrèche named him. “The little girl in me can no longer keep silent about this name”she then wrote on Instagram, denouncing “the influence” that he had exercised on her when she had “14 years old”.

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